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Farnsworth is a stuck-up passenger diesel engine in the 1991 film The Little Engine That Could. He sleeps in the roundhouse with Pete, Georgia, Jebediah and Tillie one morning. He was later pulled by Tillie to the Tower. The Tower tells Farnsworth to pull the passenger train over the mountain to the town. Meanwhile, Fansworth had already collected the passengers in the passenger train and on the way back to the roundhouse when he suddenly sees Rollo waving his red flag to stop him. He applied his brakes but bumped into Rollo and then he stopped. He angrily stared at Rollo who tried to explain with him but Grumpella interupet him and tells Farnswoth that poor Georgia had broken down and couldn't pull the birthday train over the mountain and demands him to pull the birthday train over the mountain. Farnsworth couldn't understand what Grumpella tells him what to do. He tells them that he had some passengers in his express train where the passengers were sleeping in the bed, playing the music songs and eating dinner at the dining car and he refused to pull the birthday train over the mountain and then he rolled away to the roundhouse.

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