Ned is an old steam shovel and a member of the Pack.




Ned mainly carries out clearance work and quarry digging. Ned is sometimes clumsy, but can always be relied on by his friends. Once he accidentally knocked down a building, which Oliver was unable to do.


Ned means well, but he can sometimes be clumsy. Indeed, he once nearly caused a terrible accident by knocking out the keystone of a bridge when Thomas was due to cross with a goods train. Luckily, Jack managed to save the day by supporting the bridge until Thomas backed up. But apart from the minor bumps and accidents, Ned's heart is as big as his bucket and he is a valued member of the Pack.


Ned is based on a 1916 Marion Steam Shovel Model 28.


Ned is painted brown and orange with a grey roof, a dark brown bucket, arm and chassis and yellow detailing. He has his number painted on each side.


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Ned also appeared in two ninth season music videos.

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  • Ned is one of the machines whose silhouette is pictured in the Pack's logo.
  • Ned does not have windows on the front of his cab, making it difficult for an operator to see what is happening. He also has his jib arm right in front of his face, which could make visibility difficult.
  • Originally, Ned had "Packard & Co." written on the sides of his body. It was later changed to "Sodor Construction Company", however his Take Along and Wind-up models still have "Packard & Co." written on his sides.
  • In The Great Discovery, Ned's eye pupils seemed to be thicker than in the episodes.
  • Ned's tyres constantly reappear and disappear throughout the series.
  • In the Italian version Ned is female.