Patrick is a cement mixer and a member of the Pack.




Patrick was found to be quite a boastful soul and thought that cement made him important, until he was put in his place when he landed in his own cement.


Patrick is based on a 1943 Mack NM6 truck, modified into a cement mixer.


Patrick is painted maroon on the top half of his front, the section of his mixer closest to the cab, and the rear section closest to his cement pipe. He is painted cream on his lower half of his front and upon his cement mixer in the middle.


Television seriesEdit

He had a role in the cancelled episodes, Snow Rescue, Bossy Byron, The Importance of Being Patrick, and Jack and the Quack.

Patrick also appeared in a ninth season music video.


  • Patrick shares the same horn sound as Salty.
  • The basis for Patrick's model, the NM's, were made for use during the Second World War.


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