Silver Fish is a strong, white, grey, and blue diesel, who appears in the 1937 cartoon, Porky's Railroad.


Silver Fish

Bio Edit

As Toots comes to a station, Silver Fish arrives to replace Toots, who hears the engineer call him a slow engine on roller skates and falls down. When Silver Fish and Toots race, Toots manages to win the race and get replaced with Silver Fish dragging him. Silver Fish is now one of the characters in Casey Jr. & Friends.

Relationship Edit

  • Train Bult: Diesel Engine
  • Appearance: Porky's Railroad (1937)
  • Gender: Male
  • Agliment: Half Bad and Half Good
  • Allies: Casey Jr. (enemy), Toots (nemesis) Tillie (enemy), TootleMontanaEmma (enemy), Pufle, Ivor, Jebediah, Georgia, Pete, Farnsworth, Alfred, Melissa, Tom Jerry, Blue, Greendale RocketJohnny (cousin), Doc, Huey, Rasmus, Jason, Sir Reginald, Katy Caboose, Alan, Piper, Tracy, Rusty (father), Humphrey, Rodrick, Minerva, Shelbert, Mary, Streamer, Calley, Bonnie, Sasha, Wartime, Sir Norramby
  • Enemies: Cerberus

Gallery Edit

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