The Sodor Construction Company, also known as Packard and Co. or "The Pack." is a company owned by Jenny Packard. The construction company, first conceived by Jenny's father, Mr. Packard, involves various work such as building, demolishing, and transportation. They have their own storage yard where the machines are kept while not in use.

It appeared in the sixth and twelfth seasons, Jack and the Sodor Construction Company, and The Great Discovery. Jack appears in the special, King of the Railway and the nineteenth season episode, The Other Side of the Mountain. Jack, Alfie, Oliver, Max and Monty appear in the special Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.

Vehicles in serviceEdit

A transporter named Nigel (21) was a conceived character, but was dropped.


  • On the Packard Construction & Co. sign, silhouettes of Ned, Byron, and Kelly can be seen.
  • The official website, as well as various magazine articles and file facts, state that the Horrid Lorries were "especially built to work at Sodor Construction Company". It is therefore possible that they may have been originally intended to be a part of the Pack.
  • The magazine story, Jack Helps Out, suggests that there are more diggers working for the Sodor Construction Company.
  • According to Phil Fehrle in an interview with SiF, all known Pack members had to have two digit numbers in-order for the audience to feel that the company and the machines had been around for a while. They did not plan for any other members, as they only designed and built enough characters for twenty-six episodes.

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