Super Thomas Sunshine is the twenty second installment for Nintendo Gamecube, as part of Thomas's Dream Team for Nintendo 64, made by UbiSoftFan94.Edit

  • Thomas as Mario
  • Henry as Luigi (Henry and Luigi both wear green and they are both brother figures to Thomas and Mario)
  • Peter Sam as Yoshi
  • Emily as Princess Peach (Thomas has a crush on Emily, just like Mario has a crush on Princess Peach)
  • Daisy as Princess Daisy (Daisy and Princess Daisy both share the same name)
  • Toby as Toad
  • James as Wario (James and Wario are both vain, but they are both naughty sometimes)
  • Spencer as Waluigi (Spencer and Waluigi are both friends to James and Wario)
  • Diesel as Bowser Koopa
  • Gordon as Donkey Kong
  • Stanley as Diddy Kong
  • Duck as Toadsworth
  • Donald/Douglas as Oogtar
  • Percy as F.L.U.D.D.


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