• Garfield as Toaster
  • Odie as Blanky
  • Casey Jr. as Lampy
  • Thomas (Human) as Radio
  • Jon as Kirby
  • Toyland Express as Hearing Aid
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Calculator
  • Rob as Himself
  • Chris as Himself
  • Robbie as Himself
  • Orson as Ratso
  • Pete as Viking 1
  • Little Toot and Big Toot as Satellines
  • VeggieTales characters as Balloons
  • Harold (Bug) as Fanny
  • Chug as Mixer
  • Emma as Freezer
  • Jasob as Iron
  • Supreme Commander as Himself
  • Princess Sally (from Sonic) as Tinselina
  • Trucks (Humans) as Military Toasters
  • Molly (Human) as Fauct
  • Chip the Bird as Squirt
  • Mickey Mouse as Himself (cameo)

Garfield: The Brave Little Cat goes to Mars:Edit

  • Garfield: The Brave Little Cat goes to Mars is Halloween 2015 only on FOX Network and Cartoon Network with Paws, Inc., Nelvana Limted and 20th Century Fox Television.


  • Toaster - Garfield
  • Kirby - Cleo from Heathcliff
  • Lampy - Riff Raff from Heathcliff
  • Radio - Norman
  • Blanky - Odie
  • Robbie - Baby Tom
  • Angel
  • Freezer - Heathcliff from Heathcliff

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