The Horrid Lorries, individually referred to as Lorry 1, Lorry 2, and Lorry 3, are three small lorries.


The Horrid Lorries


When Percy was late one day, Cranky suggested that a lorry could do his work. True to his word, three red, incredibly rude lorries arrived the next day. They called Percy a "little green goblin on wheels", insulted Thomas and James, and told Toby that he belonged in a museum and also told him to "toodle off". Of course, all three got their comeuppance in due course: Lorry 2 fell off a mountainside, Lorry 3 broke down after being overloaded with flour, and Lorry 1 reversed into the sea. They were sent away and never returned. Due to the impact of their damage, they were nicknamed "Smashed", "Broken", and "Sunk" by Thomas.


The lorries are mean and rude to the engines. They like to tease them and get them into trouble.


The lorries could be based on AEC Hanson lorries or Foden lorries which were once a common sight around railway yards.


The Horrid Lorries are painted a brownish-red. They sometimes have grey hoods over their beds.


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  • After their episode, the lorry models had their faces and registration plates removed and were used as props. Faceless Horrid Lorry models are on display at Drayton Manor.
  • A fourth Horrid Lorry, painted yellow, is seen at the crossing in the book, Thomas and Toby. A green Horrid Lorry can also be found on an official 65th anniversary board game. In addition, on an earlier board game, while Lorry 1 is painted red, Lorries 2 and 3 are painted yellow and green respectively. There also a 'Lorry 4' painted blue.
  • The official website, as well as various magazine articles and file facts, state that the Lorries were "especially built to work at Sodor Construction Company". It is therefore possible that they may have been originally intended to be a part of the Pack.
  • A similar looking lorry appeared in the magazine story, The Carnival. However, this Lorry was introduced four months before the fifth season episode, Horrid Lorry, in which the Horrid Lorries made their debut appearances.


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