Thomas's Dream Team is a Thomas/Rayman's Dream Team parody for Nintendo 64, made by UbiSoftFan94. This contains Thomas 2: The Great Escape for Sega Dreamcast, Railroad Trouble Special Edition for PC Beta, Puffa Steam Train on Rails for Nintendo 64, Thomas Kong Racing for Nintendo DS, Gordon Kong 64 for Nintendo 64, Super Thomas 64 DS for Nintendo DS, Trainzland Wars: Shadows of the Empire for PC, Star Thomas 64 for Nintendo 64, Pufle's Chameleon Twist for Nintendo 64, Thomas and Emily for Xbox 360, Wii Sports for Nintendo Wii, Thomas Tennis for Nintendo 64, The Legend of Tillie: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo Gamecube, Battle Trains: Global Assault for PlayStation 1, Casey Jr's Bad Fur Day for Nintendo 64, Super Smash Trains for Nintendo Gamecube, and Thomas's All New Animated Series for VHS.Edit


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