Welcome to my (Andrew Smith) new page for Garfield parody casts. All of my casts are made from scratch. The casts will be updated from time to time.Edit

Also, if you have any questions for me, please leave one on my talk page. Thanks. :)Edit

Cast ListsEdit

Garfield/The Brave Little Toaster (The Brave Little Cat) Edit

  • Garfield as Toaster
  • Casey Jr. (from Casey Jr. and Friends) as Lampy
  • Thomas (human) as Radio
  • Odie as Blanky
  • Jon as Kirby
  • Cerbus (from The Little Engine That Could "2011 film") as Air Conditioner
  • Evil Clown as Himself
  • Toyland Express (from Babes in Toyland "1997 film") as Hearing Aid
  • Tillie (from Casey Jr. & Friends) as Computer Lab
  • Tracy (from The Little Engine That Could "2011 film") as Plugsy
  • Orson as Ratso
  • Doc (from Casey Jr. & Friends) as Hanging Lamp
  • Johnny (from Casey Jr. & Friends) as Blender
  • Rob as Himself
  • Chris as Himself
  • Young Rob as Himself
  • Georgia (from Casey Jr. & Friends) as Computer
  • Montana (from Casey Jr. & Friends) as Giant Magnet
  • Diesel 10 (human) as The Crusher
  • Toots (from Casey Jr. & Friends) as The Man on Black & White TV
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Calculator
  • Mickey Mouse as Himself (cameo)
  • and more

See Also Edit

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